V. Clinical evaluation of hair growth after treatment

Dermatological evaluation of wrinkle depth and fine lines with Lemperle scoring from 0 to 5

Evaluation of an anti-seborrheic effect. Evaluation of pores diameter from macrophotographies realised with Proscope® (x30)

Study on sensitive skin’s cutaneous reactivity

Evaluation of cutaneous hydration

Profilométrie (profondeur des vergetures). Chromamétrie (pigmentation des vergetures). Echographie (densité du derme)

3D and 2D photography. Measuring the circumference of the thighs. Ultrasound (density of the dermis and dermis–hypodermis jonction). Analysis of skin smoothing (measuring roughness). Measuring body fat

Clinical evaluation of hair growth after capillary graft or treatment
Dr Benslama

I. Cell cultures
II. Human skin kept alive
III. In vitro reconstitution of skin equivalents
IV. Scalp sample maintained in survival conditions
V. Clinical Evaluations