évaluation clinique en dermatologie cosmétologie stomatologie


Evaluation of cosmetic and
dermatologic products

DERMATOLOGY and COSMETOLOGY Research and Evaluation Group.

évaluation clinique en dermato-cosmétologie et stomatologie

GREDECO applies unique models of experimentation which are exclusively developed and standardized by its team.

II. Human skin kept in a life-like state

The evaluation of cosmetic and dermatologic products is carried out on human skin kept in a life-like state

méthode d'évaluation

Permits quick evaluation of reactions resulting from oral or topical application of a product or active ingredient, as well as those provoked by certain radiations (Lasers, Pulsed Light, LED, etc…) on different types of skin
Display : the method
Morphometric collagen analysis
Morphometric elastic fiber analysis
Analysis of vascular alteration
Turn-over activity of epithelial cells (differentiation, proliferation of basal cells)
Objectification ex vivo of the toxicity, penetration, or adherence of active ingredients on the skin
Study on human skin model’s tolerance (histology, cytokines, MTT test)
Collagen and elastin synthesis assay
Evaluation of the anti-elastasic effect of a product
Evaluation of the anti-collagenase activity of a product
Analysis of the in vitro synthesis of glycosaminoglycans
Free-radical scavenging activity (hydroperoxides assay..nitrite…)
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II. Cellular Cultures : fibroblasts and keratinocytes

fibroblasts and keratinocytes

Collagen synthesis assay
Objectification of an anti-collagenase effect (metalloproteinases assay)
Analysis of cellular proliferation
Free-radical scavenging activity (hydroperoxides assay, analysis of cellular viability by MTT test after oxidative stress)
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III. In vitro reconstitution of skin equivalent

reconstitution in vitro d’équivalents de peau

Histological and immunohistological analysis of epithelial proliferation
Immunohistochemical analysis of epithelial differentiation
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IV. Scalp sample maintained in survival conditions

modèle de cuir chevelu maintenu en survie

Effectiveness of shampoo and topical products
Models of irritated, reactive, seborrheic scalp samples
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V. Objectification resulting from skin prints visualized with a scanning microscope

évaluations cliniques

Fine lines and wrinkles
Microdepressor network
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VI. Clinical trial protocols (CCPPRB)

protocoles d'essai

Therapeutic tests
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Our experimental models

I. Cell cultures
II. Human skin kept alive
III. In vitro reconstitution of skin equivalents
IV. Scalp sample maintained in survival conditions
V. Clinical Evaluations